Writing discipline

I just finished reading a short interview with Cory Doctorow where he talked about his discipline around writing every day – setting a word count and meeting it every single day. I’ve heard that before, and it sounds incredibly daunting to me. But he also talked about the fact that sometimes his word count goal is 200 or 250 words, if he’s busy with his other 972 projects that day. Like Doctorow, I type 70-80 words per minute. Writing 250 words in a day should be nothing, right? Of course, that would be 91,250 words over the course of a year. The thing that really boggled my mind, though, was this:

“When I hit that word target I stop. Period. I stop in the middle of a sentence, so I can start the next day without having to think of anything.”

Whoa. That’s…insane? Ridiculous? Amazing? Brilliant? I have no idea. It’s certainly nothing I’ve ever contemplated before.

Anyway. I’m not ready to commit to writing every single day, but reading Doctorow’s thoughts about doing so reminds me that I really do enjoy writing when I get in a groove of doing it *regularly*. I’m also really aware of how poorly disciplined I am about this. For instance, I was just thinking, “Hey, I’m doing great with the blog this year.” Then I noted that I’ve posted exactly twice in 12 days, and the most recent post was 6 days ago. That doesn’t really qualify as “great” in my book. To that end, then, I’m going to work on a tarot post today, and will get it posted by the end of the day Friday. Assuming, of course, that I don’t hit my word count target and stop in the middle of a  –