I’m the one with the black t-shirt. You can’t miss me.

An acquaintance asked me recently what the best thing about my continued unemployment is. There isn’t much to recommend it, obviously, and I believe that said acquaintance was mostly asking this out of self-preservation, to see if I might shut up about my job hunt for a while (an understandable choice, I think). After thinking it over for a couple of minutes, I said, “Well, I can wear one of my nerdy t-shirts pretty much every day. I kind of like that.”

In unrelated news, I decided today that I wanted to post to the blog every day for a week, just to try and get in the habit of posting more often. Some people would take that desire as a challenge to create actual, you know, content, while others would look for an opportunity to be much lazier than that. You can probably determine which option I chose.

For no particular reason, then…today begins an exciting week of looking inside Jason’s t-shirt drawer. Some dorky wonders await, my friends. This “series” will be running a day behind, in large part because I quite like yesterday’s t-shirt. So today’s installment is actually from Monday tomorrow’s will be from today, and so on. If you find this confusing, I recommend watching this instructional video for guidance.

So, without further ado…here we go:

This shirt is so metal.
This shirt is so metal.


Jason, conversely, is decidedly not metal.
Jason, conversely, is decidedly not metal.


What it is: This Heavy Metal(s) shirt is, I believe, the newest addition to my collection of oddities. This one was a birthday gift from Via last year, and came from (big shock) ThinkGeek.

Why it’s awesome: Four reasons come to mind.

  1. It was a gift from a friend. Being known by my people is always a good and excellent thing.
  2. My favorite thing about it is also the most disturbing thing – even knowing what the shirt says, I occasionally do a double-take when I see my reflection while wearing it. Apparently several heavy metal bands have branded their very fonts into my brain. It’s kind of like seeing the McDonald’s arches, or the Nike symbol – I don’t really want to recognize them out of context, but I can’t help but draw the connection.
  3. It’s important to note that I am approximately the least metal person on the planet, so wearing this shirt requires a certain degree of self-mockery that I quite like.
  4. Finally, it’s black. I believe firmly that most t-shirts should be black.

This one hasn’t gotten as much play as some of my older shirts, not because I don’t like it (I really do) but because I tend to put my t-shirts away for the winter.  As we get closer to spring, though, I expect to get more quizzical looks around town as people try to process the exceptionally pasty person wearing this shirt.