About Tarot Stories

I am currently in the Raleigh airport, waiting to fly back to Chicago from an amazing exploration of myth and story facilitated by Martin Shaw. It’s been such a great experience, and this morning I woke inspired To begin a new writing project here. Still using the tarot, but focusing on a card as a narrative prompt rather than as an interpretive exercise. Not that anyone is looking at what I write to learn what the cards “really mean,” but I’ll just note for the record that I’m doing my best to ignore everything I can about a card’s meaning or interpretation and just focus on the picture itself. I also don’t intend for these to follow a linear narrative, one post to the next, but rather to be a little snippet based on what jumps out at me when I look at the card’s image. As much as anything, I’m hoping to keep a spark of the weekend’s magic alive in my life at home, which feels like a useful endeavor.


As always, we’ll see how long this notion actually sticks around (I am appropriately skeptical about my ability to follow through on a project like this), but it’s nice to be excited about a creative endeavor, however small.