Halfway there

There’s something about seeing the halfway mark of any undertaking that I find really satisfying. Whether it’s the 500 mile drive from where I live to where I grew up, or making it through half the sessions at an event that I’m working, or (more pertinent right now) hitting post #39 out of 78 tarot cards. Halfway through the deck! That’s not something I was expecting to do when I started noodling around with this project in May. In fact, it didn’t begin as a project so much as a thing to try once, in an effort to keep that sense of joy continuing at the end of an amazing storytelling workshop I had the good fortune to attend. Then one post turned into a couple more, and I realized that the process was fun and that I had something that I wanted to say (most of the time, anyway – a few of these are just about embracing some silliness).


So far, the project has been really good for me. I’ve written something every day, even if a post hasn’t gone up. I give myself 15-20 minutes to write, in most cases, and if something isn’t working I’m challenging myself to leave it alone until the next day. With one exception (a post that has been my least favorite so far), I’ve stuck to that rule. This is more about establishing habits that are good for me than it is about posting a story every day. Even so, I’m proud to have reached this point – 39 stories – in 51 days. I thought I’d take a break yesterday, since I was traveling for work and didn’t bring my deck with me, but I wound up writing the 40th story during my flight home.


I’m still not sure that I’ll actually get through the whole deck. I’m generally great at starting projects, and…rather less great at finishing them. But for now, I’m feeling good about what I’ve finished, and excited to see what’s up next.