Tarot Stories #38: 10 of Wands

A long way from here, there stands a village full of people who pride themselves on working very, very hard. And among those people in the village, there is a wish they offer one another each night: “May there be work for you in the morning.” As it happens there is always work in the morning, because unbeknownst to them these people are – every one of them – powerful and skilled at magic. Where this magic came from I cannot say, but it is an absolute truth that each person in this village is an unwitting magician.


Now, the thing about unwitting magicians is that they don’t cast spells in the way that you probably do. No, for them it’s the power of their intention and will that creates the magical effects in question. In short, for these people, a sincere wish, backed up by a force of will, makes it so.


As a result, in this far off village where they pride themselves on working very hard, and they wish sincerely for more work each night…well, they manifest those wishes through the magic they don’t realize they have. Which makes one wonder, as I’m sure you already have wondered…what if they valued and wished for one another ease, instead? Or peace, or abundance, or joy? In short, what if they chose their values and their will-driven wishes more carefully?


What if we all did?