Tarot Stories #49: 4 of Wands

There was once a group of friends who hadn’t gotten together for a long time. They hadn’t drifted apart, exactly, but each of them had some set of problems and challenges that made it difficult for them to reach out and connect with the others. Some felt that their jobs were something to be ashamed of and since they knew that the topic of work would come up if they got together, those friends stayed away. Some others had been sick, and when they did feel up to socializing, they felt awkward about how long it had been so they didn’t call the others. Some of the friends weren’t in a good relationship, and were feeling embarrassed about the choices they had made, others had children and felt like they would bore those who didn’t, still others had no children and worried that they would bee seen as frivolous by those who did.

So all of the friends had some reason to assume that the others wouldn’t want to hear from them (though not necessarily a good reason), and this went on for quite a while. Finally, though, one of the friends decided that the risk of hearing “no” or hearing nothing at all was worth the possibility of hearing “yes,” so they sent out an invitation. It read:

You are cordially invited to a celebration of nothing in particular. In lieu of gifts, guests are asked to bring one (1) story about their lives to share, and zero (0) shame about how long it has been since we all saw one another.

*Light hors d’oeuvres and drinks will be provided.

Now, not everyone came, of course, but a surprising number did. The opportunity to share and to celebrate for celebrations’ sake was welcome, and if a few of them brought a little bit of shame at their long period of disconnection, well, that was to be expected. Someone always goes off registry, after all, even when their intentions are good.