Tarot Stories #65: The Fool


“Well!” the Fool said, “Thank goodness that’s over. It was quite an adventure, and there was plenty of fun along the way, but I’m ready to rest and be still for a while.”


Oh, thought the dog, it’s going to be like that, this time.


There is something comforting about being an archetype, a perfection that humans cannot reach and that gods rarely bother to attempt. If you’re looking for a gig where you know what’s expected of you, see if “Eternal Archetype” is available. You’ll be honored and appreciated, and all you need do is follow your nature to make things work out right.


“You know, maybe a little walk would be nice today,” the Fool continued. “Let’s go see what things look like from the top of this hill.”


Of course, there are certain expectations, too, that can’t be avoided. Opportunities that must be explored. Questions that will eat away at you until you find an answer. It’s a good job, but reading the fine print is, as always, recommended.


The Fool picked a flower, as they always did. They carried an extra pair of socks, as they always did. They walked with their best friend, as they always did. They didn’t know what was coming next, because they never did.


Not sure what to do next? The universe has a way of putting archetypes in the right place. Relax, and things will simply…arrange themselves.


The dog barked. The Fool stumbled, and fell, and about halfway down, forgot all that had come before. they twisted and twitched and turned the fall into a dive, beginning a journey that was just like all the others and yet unique to itself once more.


The vacation policy, it must be admitted, is not very generous.