A new venture

I have a few half-written posts waiting for my attention here, most of them about cheery things like death and grief. Lately these topics are pretty close to my heart, and I do want to finish them up. For now, though, I’d like to share something pretty exciting.

On August 1st, a new website was launched to support a group that I’m affiliated with. Collectively we are called Expanding Inward, for reasons that make a great deal of sense to us, at least. Together, we offer group workshops, primarily in the form of weekend intensives using myth and story as a template for personal and spiritual growth.

You know what, here’s a better way of saying it, taken from our not-quite-mission-statement:

Expanding Inward creates, facilitates and celebrates opportunities to gather in a safe, supportive and healthy community context, encouraging deeply personal positive life transformation through Earth-based, ecstatic ritual. In doing this work together, we honor depth, inclusivity, spontaneity and the sacred in all of its manifestations.

We’ve actually held two successful events already, one last September and the second in March of this year. Organizing and promoting those events was made more difficult by the fact that we weren’t really “official” yet. The people who hosted us did an amazing job despite that limitation, and it’s my hope that by having a website (and something to call ourselves) will help make that process easier. Also, it just feels good to say, “Hey, here we are. This is what we do, and we’d love to have you join us.”

So, hey. Here we are. We’d love to have you join us. There are a couple of amazing events coming up, one in just a couple of months!